Staples - 12% off in-store July 29 to Aug 4

Thanks-sumbitch :clap:

awesome sum-hmmmm
mucho gracias

Thanks = p

Thanks sumbitch. Hope they have something good to use it on later in the month. No good until 2 weeks from now.

Yes thankyou, that will be very useful.:flower:

July 29th, I should be back home home from school. I will do some damage when I am home, darn more spending

you better controll your pocket college boy. BTW Contrag for having summer school done.

Thanks TCAS, your support helps greatly.

Thanks sumbitch !

“Just bring this [B]card[/B] with you…”

Has anyone had success with this type of coupon when it’s printed on plain paper ?

yeah they will take it on plain paper. I’ve used them before.

Darn, Was about to use this coupon today on the i/o magic ext burner with LS, which is still on clearance, but they jacked up the clearance price to $84.99. And I read the spec carefully, 16X +R, only 8X for -R and only 2.4X for +R DL. Kinda weird. The picture looks exactly like BenQ 1655 with the Solid burn logo in the middle of the face plate but of course drive inside might look different than the one pictured. The only 2.4X DL drive that BenQ made is the BenQ 1620, but of course no LS on 1620. Then it must be a Lite-on Drive. So I passed

The coupon is not good until the 29th :confused:

Yeah, but the clearance price went up to $84.99 as oppose to $59.99 last week, even without the coupon, the price for last week is still better. And I prefer BenQ 1655 drive. Basing on the specs, I dont think it is a BenQ drive

Win some loose some cowboy.

My daughter is in Clovis,NM right now.

Yeah, but I cant loose yet since I am still a student, gotta spend money wisely. Gotta spend money on guaranteed items.

What is she doing in Clovis?? I am attending UNM and should be done by the end of July, then move on to grad program in Utah. Hate my life so far, like a nomad traveling to places to forage for food

Well it should be worth it in the end i hope.

She’s there with her aunt and cousin traveling. Her cousin lives there but goes to Iraq often to show soldiers how to run those un-maned spy planes (drones with remote control) and update their software. I forget what they are called.

Kinda boring over here. When you live in California pretty much all your life then travel to other states for schooling. Of course I have to sacrifice my social life here because nothing to do here comparing to California. And as you can see, my posting number in here increases greatly for the past yr since nothing to do here except reading news on, xbitlabs,, neoseeker,, stripbar rating website, extreme hardware, overclocker, deal website, and espn news. I miss my Lakers, I miss my friends and my family.

You must have forgotten about the 1625 that had LS then. :iagree:

I lived in Garden Grove,CA for 2 1/2 years and it’s just to many people for me. Traffic is horrendous. I was glad to move back to the slow life :iagree:

I can understand your family and friends though.