Stange copy and playback issue please help

i use DVD copy tools to rip a ISO image of appollo 13 DTS disc to be spilt 100% quality into 2DVD 4.7 Gb discs.The iso was ok,used a sony DVD-rw and a moser baer DVD-r to write .the disc plays fine in windvd on the PC with menu selection etc etc.when i put in DVD player it plays the trailers etc and when it has to start the main movie it just stops.this plays fine in winDVD though.

please help i want to back up my disc

i have not changed any audio or video options during ISO creation in DVD copy tools


Most probably a bad quality burn. Then your standalone recorder, that is maybe more picky than your PC drive, can’t read the disc properly.

What do you mean exactly by “just stops”? Also what’s your DVD burner exact brand and model? And the burning speed selected? And the rated speed of the disc? (many questions, neh? :bigsmile:)

Moser Baer discs can very very good but they are variable in quality. And a bad batch can always happen.

Burn a second disk (at the disc rated speed) and see if the problem goes away.

i tried a DVD-rw at 2x and a blank DVD-r at 8x no use.