Standy shutdown timeout? 5026?

Hi peeps, i have the standby on my 5026 set to 30 mins, but nothing seems to happen?.

What does this setting do?, does it shut of the unit, and return it to standby?, or does it just go into a low power mode and shutdown the hdd?.

Because if i leave my unit on, it will not return to standby, and i can hear the hdd spinning all the time, so im a little confused on this one?.

Roden. I have had a 5026 for a week now - (Assembley date July 2005) with latest firmware included (version 197).

I am quite pleased with the unit - the firmware seems to have got rid of many of the bugs that have been commented in the past.

However, I set it record a few nights ago before going to bed with the standby also set to 30 minutes and when I got up next morning the thing was still powered up and when I shut it down I could hear the HDD winding down. This can’t be right, otherwise the HDD will wear down prematurely. I guess it must be a bug unless someone else knows otherwise.


This is to add that I set the recording using the OTR method. Don’t know what happens if I used the Timer?

I am going to switch the unit on (without using it) and see if it shuts down after 30 minutes, as I believe it’s meant to.

Well I have tried that and it has still not gone into standby after more than an hour. Not sure if this is just the 30 minute setting or any standby setting?

Yup. well strange, major bug here, or we are missing somthing, i have to say though, i am very pleased with the unit, apart from the odd, bug, and the inhabillity to watch channel 5 through it, as for some weird interference…

See this thread…

Roden, checked out the thread you mentioned Re:channel 5 interference and it seems odd - it reminds me when channel 5 first started. In Telford it was put on the same channel that all RF modulators in Videos were set to (around channel 35) and they all had to be retuned, otherwise you ended up with a similar interaction (cross channel interference) which also screwed up BBC 2 (which is on channel 33 here) if I remember rightly. As an electronics engineer I sorted these problems out myself rather than letting one of their ‘trained’ enginners mess with my gear!

The only thing I can suggest is that if the problem goes when you push the aerial lead into the socket, you may either have a dodgy lead or more possibly there is a bad connection if the unit (grounding problem perhaps). The reason it would affect only one channel would be if there was a nearby modulating source (eg video recorder, or something within the 5026 itself).

As for the original point - I have checked out threads on the 5045 (essentially the same machine I believe - uses the same firmware!) of which there is a lot of debate. But I can’t find a reference to anyone mentioning the Standby problem we’ve encountered. Maybe, you’re right and we are missing something - but I still think it’s a bug!

Used Timer recording tonight and machine went into standby after 30 minutes from end of recording as it should. Strange!

So maybe standby timeout is only for timed stuff, not manual operation, strange.

And yeah, i know what ya mean obout he channel 5 stuff, i had to retune the rf out on my gear, strangley though the 5025 does not have a pot to tune?.

I can’t see them making the stanby for timed stuff only, so I still think it’s a bug.

The aerial unit in the 5026 is a pass-thru device with a channel tuner. It doesn’t re-modulate the signal so there won’t be anything on it to adjust. It looks like, somehow, a signal is getting into your box and causing interference. As I said before - this may even be a signal which is being produced within the box, in which case there is a bad ground, or a design fault.

I have read on another thread (re 5045 box) that people have had trouble on channel 5 and others who haven’t, so it looks like it could be a design fault. I remember reading that some cured it by removing aerial boosters from the aerial path! Don’t know what area you live in but I’ve had no trouble with the signal from the Wrekin transmitter (Telford, Shropshire).

Give an update if you ever hear anything about the Standby situation, and good luck with sorting out channel 5.

Funny you should say that , i have a booster, but if i remove it, i barely get a picture?

dodgy gear