Standardising playback volume in downloaded mp3s

I have downloaded a bunch of mp3s and when I play them back, they range from whisper to loud/distorted.
Is there a simple way of batch converting them to a standard volume level?
thanks in advance

I really like a program called MP3Gain, which uses some advanced gain analysis to not just make them the “same volume” but make them in the same “volume range”, so that quiet stuff sounds quiet, but you don’t have to fiddle with the volume knob. A link:

:iagree: MP3Gain is a must have. You just beat me to saying it myself. :slight_smile:

For sure :slight_smile: Nero has a crappy Normalisation function… I used to use it but i’m afraid it doesn’t cut the mustard like MP3 Gain does :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone - mp3gain it is !!

…or WinAMP + AdaptX and a decent compressor plugin (DirectX that is).

Other nice thing about mp3gain is it edits all your mp3’s directly, so you don’t have to re-save them and delete the original ones.

Can this be stickied somewhere?