Standardised Test Data Sets for Media Quality Tests?


i am quite new to the whole CD/DVD probing thing - so i wonder if there is a need for creating a standard test data set or is any kind of data okay for testing cd’r and dvdr’s.

for dvdr - are the test results the same if the dvd is completely filled or is a half full medium sufficiant ?. as i understand it the linear speed gets higher and higher when reaching the end of the dvd - the outer part. and - its quite hard to create a “movie” dvd5 that exactly fits on a medium to fill it up :slight_smile:

please enlighten me :wink:

thx - ahab666

Actually it is pretty easy to fill a disk to capacity with any of the dvd burning programs. As for testing if you only test half a disk for your own purposes to check for reliabilty or whatever you are ok but for comparisons on the testing forums everyone uses a full disk to test error count which is averaged and totaled will not be a true comparison if you are testing against a half full disk.

This is the reason we have CDSpeed Datadisc test.