Standard For MP3 CD Players Planned

I just posted the article Standard For MP3 CD Players Planned….

OSTA, the Optical Storage Teechnology Association, (a standards body whose members include HP, Sony, Ricoh and others, and among other things, has defined the UDF filesytem for DVD’s), is proposing a…

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heheh thats some good news

I think that there are a few mp3cd players on the market now. Pion. and C.L. make them. It would be nice if they were a little cheaper though the CL goes for 300-400 and I’ve seen the pion. for 200. All they really have to do is drop a little firmware on the cd player and an mpeg decoding chip.

Very Nice

I Already got a dvd/mp3 player that plays mp3 files very good, it supports mp3 of all bitrates (even variable bitrates), And i can even see the id3 tag on my tv.

Divido Rulez

hey for those of us looking for a way to play mp3s in our cars here is a really great device called a neo 45. i got mine in last week and it kicks ass! i almost bought a cd changer for my car but this is much better. it uses a hard drive to store mp3s or any other type of file. great for transporting large files and trading music. go check it out at