Standard DVD vs Blu-ray

I have a rather unusual problem I’m trying to understand maybe someone can help with.

I use a slide show program called Photo DVD Maker that stores my photos along with background music of my choosing. I recently made a DVD with my 2009 photo’s and when I play it back on my Sony 350 Blu-ray, every song skips a few beats when it starts to play regardless of which song. Eventually the song plays correctly. It only skips when it starts.

If I play the same disc in anyone of my 3 other non-Blu-ray players the skipping doesn’t occur and the song plays as it should.

Thinking my Blu-ray player might have a problem I took the disc to my son-in-laws to try on his Blu-ray (also a Sony) and got the identical result - skipping when the song starts.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I’m perplexed!

Sounds like the Sony players just don’t like something about the way your picture disk is recorded or they are just more picky players then other machines.
You might want to try different media in case the disks you use now are marginally recorded and the Sony is sensitive to it.
Also back in the CD burning only days you had to try and record music cd’s and track as disk at once recordings or you’d get a 1 second gap between tracks that wasn’t supposed to be there, don’t know if that has anything to do with your issue though.
Might also want to try a slower burn speed as that may help with a marginal disk too.
I’m sure others will have good suggestions but those are a few that might help not having that player or program to try out.