Standard computer fix answer


I had a person mail my neighbor their laptop for me to repair. They had paid Iyogi over 150 dollars, and spent many hours on the phone with them. Their final answer is the one so many give. Reformat your hard drive and reload windows. I have never had to reformat a hard drive and reload everything to fix a windows problem When I got it I found it would restart as soon as you tried to do anything on the computer. I went to safe mode and disabled the Iyogi software they had starting with the computer and that fixed the problem of restarts. The problem he had that they were trying to fix was he could not get on the internet. I went it and deleted one entry for tcpip in the registry restarted and it replace the tcpip entry in the registry and the problem with not connecting to the internet was fixed. I cannot believe that people pay these so call computer experts all this money just to be told to reformat and reload windows.

Here’s my story.
It’s been a long while back.
MS had free tech service for Vista SP2 so I thought I would take advantage of it to see if MS could fix a problem or give me a good answer.
In the long run I got neither . Even when it was bumped up to what MS calls level 3.
I spent about 6 hours on the phone . This was about 5 calls if I remember correctly.
Several emails.
The second level tech had me do what amounted to a “reload” .
I had backups that put the computer to it’s out of the box state.
The problem was still there . That’s what got me to level 3.

This is the problem & Windows 7 on my laptop which I got later also has this problem .
Windows Explorer won’t view the files on a DVD recorded in -VR mode .
At first it viewed this type DVD as a blank disc .
I can’t remember what I did now but I finally got Windows Explorer to “Open” the DVD. All it shows is a desktop.ini file which isn’t actually burned on this DVD.
I’ve posted this before but WindowsXP Pro SP3 can open & view the files & so can Windows 98 SE .
The level 3 tech said that there would be a Windows Update fix for this .
That was the final resolution.
I’ve been updating for 5 years now so far no fix.
So if MS can’t get their own OS to work or even know why .
What can we expect from other so called techs ?

It’s been a long time but I think MS usually charges $50.00 per hour or more for this type support.

One other note that I’ve also posted about this is IsoBuster can open the DVD in Vista & see the files on it. It can’t always extract them . Kind of hit & miss on that.
If I copy & paste the files with my older computer with XP to a folder.
I can move that with an external HDD to my Vista computer . It can view & play the files. So it is not an inability to work with these files . It just can’t do it from the DVD with w Windows Explorer. Or any software that depends on this to open or load files.