Standalone won't read burnt discs

I’ve burnt several copies of a DVD onto CMC DVD+R and Fuji DVD-R with qualities of 90%+ with DVD Decrypter, and I can’t get a standalone player (tried multiple) to read the disc. I know the player can read burnt DVD’s, because it will play an old burnt Apple DVD from when DVD burners were just hitting the market. What the heck am I doing wrong? :confused:

It is hard to say for sure. What burner are you using? What standalone player? What was the burn speed?

From the info you give, I would suggest trying better blank media. Pick up some Verbatim +R (on sale at Best Buy if you live in the US). Also, try bitsetting the +R to DVDROM.

Drive = _NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A - [FW 1.Y6] - [ATAPI]
I’ve tried 2 different types of media, and the standalone players I’ve tried are a Toshiba, and an Xbox… The bitsetting is set to DVD-ROM. If the burns come in at 90%+ does the media matter? Still confused… Thanks for the reply.

Usually playback problems are due to a bad burn. Some standalones are really picky about media, and CMC MAG and nowdays fujy (higly probably these fujy are ritek media) are not the very best quality media. Try to burn a verbatim or, better, a Taiyo yuden.

Can you explain better what are you referring with that 90% value? Is it the quality score of cd-dvd speed?

What drive did you use to obtain that value? NEC drives are not much reliable regarding DVD scans. Can you do a scan with a benq or a liteon or a plextor drive?

Yes, the quality scores I was referring to are the cd-dvd speed scores I obtained from my NEC drive after burning, so I will have to see if I can find another drive to scan the discs with. Thanks for the reply, I’ll see if I can’t find out some more information…