Standalone svcd problems (skips)

I wasn’t sure where to put this (burning software, or media) so i just stuck it here…

I have a TEACW524E 24x burner (ide) running on win2k, 1.8ghz, 512mb ram, in DMA mode. My standaloen is a samgsung m301 (i think). Apparently nobody has problems w/ this standalone except me…

my problem is that SOMETIMES movies i burn skip, when they skip, its ALWAYS (or pretty close to it) only at the end of the movie (first 30-40min are FLAWLESS)

I have tried diffrent types of media (from Verbatim, to poineer, to gernrics). I have the same outcome with all.

I have tried diffrent burning speeds (24x(max), 16x, and 4x(before i got my new burner)… With diffrent software (fireburner, CDRWin, nero).

This problem for the longest time i thought was soley my burner to blame, so i returned it and got a brand new replacement. Yes i have updated the firmware, and my aspi drivers are the “newest” ones that come with the most recent (registered) build of CDRWin…

Its VERY FUSTRATING cause sometimes i can burn movies flawlesly… sometimes it takes me 10 times before i can get 1 “good burn”.

Any help would be greatly appreachated…

incase you were wondering i am using:

CDRWin 3.9c
fireburner - Uninstalled ;/

apparently i could find out whats going on by testing for “c2 errors” and i have a stable drive(i think) that would be fine to run tests…

i also heard that cdspeed can test for c2 erros but not sure how, i run tests and it completes but i don’t see any results…

so how can i test for c2 errors? or how else can i test my burns after i burn them?

standalones are way more sensitive then computer cdrom drives… which is why i think its skipping (quality of my burner)… but would like to test ;/

in cd speed, Extras-> Cd quality test.

I have had this problem myself.
I assume that you have checked the mpeg file / disc image before you have burned it to check it’s not the movie itself (that’s been my main problem), but it could be that you are just burning the cd too fast, slight mistakes are made on the disc (especially as it is on the outer edge of the cd which is spinning the fastest) and your dvd player just skips untill the next usable frame comes along that it can sincronise the sound to.
In my experience you are only losing out on maybe 0.5 of a second of film, but the pause makes it more noticable and it seems like much more.

Hope this helps