Standalone players to handle avi and mpg?

on data discs, as well as jpeg, mp3 and all the usual movie stuff on svcd and dvd?

ie the most complete players in terms of multi format compatiility.


Philips DVP 642.

Should be very easy to find if you’re in the US.

Or a properly knackered pc, with a good sound card dvd-rom and composite video out. Not sexy if your circle can’t appreciate it’s pure beauty…sexy as hell if your circle can apprciate what you knackered…:slight_smile:

Look here you’ll find a overview

Regret to say I’m more knackered than my pc maybe I should wire myself up :smiley:

The philips DVP 642 certainly looks good.
I’m in the uk and so far I can’t source it or an equivalent philips model .

Thankyou I’ll check out the lists.
The cyberhome is available at asda [walmart] here.

The model above looks like it would also work.

Thanks chas.

In the meantime I’ve managed to pick up a pioneer 575a-s locally at a hefty discount. :iagree:

Very impressive so far. :clap: