Standalone player won't play disk anymore

I burned an ISO (Pee Wees Playhouse), and watched half of it last week. It was burned on an -RW that I have used a few times already. I used Nero.

This week I burned an avi converted to dvd (Dead Mans Chest) and took out the Pee Wee disk to check the Pirates movie (it worked fine).

I made a second copy of the PeeWee, burned it and put it in my standalone player to check it and the machine says it is ok ( “play” appears and disappears), but there is no video just black screen.

I take the disk out and put the original copy in. It does not play now either. However, both disks play in the computer. I also made another copy on a -RW and it does not work. And one copy I gave to a friend who played it in her machine and it worked. And the disks play in my machine upstairs.

I have put other burned disks in this machine, and they all work, but for some reason the Pee Wee disks just won’t play.

any ideas??? This is really bugging me…Can this just be a series of coincidences??

Try to put this disc (Pee Wee) in your computer and play it if works then try to clean the disc very good and then try it in your Stand Aliine machine see how is it.

Best thing to do is make a backup again from the original pressed DVD, but this time maybe a -R rather than a -RW.