Standalone player "disc error"

I am having a problem getting a particular dvd movie backup to play on a Daewoo standalone player. After the Fbiwarning it says “Disc Error” but it works on my other 2 dvd players including an Emerson and a PS2 console. The original dvd is a dual layer disc Nightmare on Elm Street which has both widescreen and fullscreen on the same side. I used Dvd Decrypter to rip it and CloneDVD to remove the fullscreen version so that the widescreen will fit on 1 disc. I burned it using a Pioneer DVR-A06U with Ritek DVD-R G04s. I copied 2 other movies that are working fine on the Daewoo player and the other 2 dvd players (still using the same Ritek). I do Night of the Living Dead using Dvd Decrypter to rip and Nero 6.3 using DVDVideo mode and it works in all 3 players. Next movie Halloween is another dual layer disc with widescreen and fullscreen on the same side. This time I load it directly into CloneDVD without using DVD Decrypter. I put the widescreen on 1 disc and this time it works in all 3 players. So while i’m thinking about it I load Nightmare on Elm Street directly into CloneDVD instead of using Dvd Decrypter and CloneDVD says it wont copy due to a protection. I install AnyDVD (and reboot) then burn the DVD and it still wont play in the Daewoo. Next I use both AnyDVD and Dvd Decrypter for some double asskicking and still no dice. All discs are working in the other 2 players btw (NOTLD, Halloween and 3 NMOES). All I could think of is that maybe it was a copy protection or that maybe CloneDVD butchered it but it didn’t make sense to me that Halloween worked. Is it the dvd player? Should I use a different program to cut the movie and burn? Or does something else sound like a problem to you?

I got all 3 copies of the movie to work now but I cant figure out why. I thought it had something to do with putting an original dvd in there first but now they wont play again. I can tell you this, when the error happens there is a popping sound within the dvd player. I cant find the manual so i’m not sure if it is going into a different mode when I turn it off to try everything from scratch because there is a red light on near the open/close button.

Now that I think of it there was a cheap freebee movie that came in the mail that wouldn’t work either and with the same error. Has anyone any idea how to get these movies to work consistantly or maybe a reason why they’re acting fishy on this dvd player?

Edit: Works on an Apex player as well. I read that I could use Ifoedit to replace the stuff I cut out with small files and still keep the menus but I haven’t tried that…then maybe burn with another program like Nero. I’m not sure it’ll help this Daewoo player though. I hate it. Btw I like this CloneDVD. I’m not into DVDShrink because it isn’t powerful enough. Ifoedit seems to be created for a lot of advanced stuff that I dont need. CloneDVD seems to be there in the middle yet super simple. I haven’t had to compress a movie yet though i’m probably picky enough to use something different for better quality. I’m sure that’ll be fun. Yeah right.