Standalone DVD Duplicators VS Copyright!

Hello Just got some Q? I tried to search but I get error page not found every time. But my Q? is can a Standalone DVD Duplicators Back up movies that are copy protected ??? And if there is away is it better to get a Standalone DVD Duplicators or just stick with the the computer and DVD burner ???

To my knowledge, standalone duplicators cannot copy discs which are CSS / CPRM protected (this is what i’ve heard, should still be the case). If you need to make many copies, use the computer to make one, and a duplicator to make the rest :slight_smile: but generally if you are to be backing up protected movies, I don’t think you should be looking at a duplicator because even a computer can be persuaded to do the same thing at a much lower price - a computer just has a problem keeping up with more than two burners at a go (if you’re looking at 8x +)

If you get a Sima CT-2 or CT-200 (something like that) you should be able to dupe DVD’s, I believe.

That would be the only option, anything else will not work.