Standalone DVD Dual Layer Recorder available yet?

As the title says. Did some search around and found nothing. I bought the LVW 1105 this weekend (impulse buy) and am deciding whether to keep it or return and wait for a DL recorder if one is round the corner.

Also curious, do any of the DVD recorders do MP3 recording (not playback)?

Thanks in adv. -:slight_smile:

Yes. Just one:

Thanks. I wonder when it’ll be available in the US.

This is what should be available in the US, according to LG’s US website:

J and R (new york and on the web) says has for $249 - 50 rebate - other retailers around $300 (best buy, ect)

Not Liteon, but thought some might be interested, LG Double Layer standalone burner - note, US location…

Both LG models look great. One, LRY-517 actually does divx recording as well. One thing missing is recording to CD (audio, vcd, svcd). Wonder when LiteOn will release a DL recorder. (I suppose LiteOn is more likely to be hackable than LG). LRA-516 seems like a good buy at J and R $170 ($220 - $50 rebate valid until Jan 31, 2006) with DL recording and divx playback capabilities.

Apparently a Liteon model is on the way. Didn’t see it available in the US yet:

Does Divx playback also.