Standalone DivX Player?



Does anybody know about a working standalone DivX / DVD player? I read some stuff on the web, but it seems nothing definitive is out yet. It would be great if it would also support subtitles. Awaiting responses.-


Well, divx4 is legal and divx5 is a commercial codec, sure it might be popular between “pirates” but don`t expect to see standalone divx players until companies actaully start using them ( like how games started to use .mp3 format for sound )

I think companies are afraid to make a divx standalone player becuase it would further promote piracy. Divx needs a legal base to stand on before it will be adopted.


There is a standalone DivX player available, and you can get it from It’s a bit pricey though, and is basically just a specialised PC. If I were you I would just play them through your computer, you can get an app from Hope this helps.


X-Box with a mod-chip is probably the best bet.


I’ve been seeing rumours flying around in the last week or two regarding stand-alone divx players. I would suspect they we will see the first ones come out of China or Taiwan (Apex etc.). Most of them are linux computers under the hood but does it really matter what imbedded systems a piece of hardware uses as long as it works? Until these players come out most people I know just put together a small home theatre pc and run their divx from there. I really think someone needs to develop a standard format for the way divx is to be stored on the cd/dvd so it can be just popped in and played with current systems or future standalone players. Perhaps just a modified mpeg2/dvd format?