Standalone DivX Player from Yamakawa

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fullstah used our newssubmit to tell us about a German article on DivX decoder chips for standalone players developed by Cirrus Logic. It is also said that Yamakawa ( was forbidden to…

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I’d buy a dvd/divx player if it had upgradeable firmware and played mp3cds as well

The DVD player from Yamakawa has an upgradeable firmware and plays MP3, so I guess their DivX player will have these same features too.

Well I got tired of waiting for some company to produce a DivX player so I am making one myself. It’s really quite easy; some computer parts, plexiglas, and some power-tools and your ready to go. // swede_242

I agree Swede_242… how hard is it to get urself maybe a P3-450 or Athlon 800 and TV-out support (ATI card maybe) and there u’ve got urself a DivX player… also I wouldn’t be 100% sure that all DivX movies will play… I mean there are troubles with backwards compatibility and 3.11 can’t play 4… it’s real troublesome

I made one and it looks alot like the xbox. Except a little bigger. Even painted a regular desktop case black to match the HiFi in the living room. Found a black colored CD-Rom. Put a Celeron 800 mhz 128 MB Ram. An All-In-One wonder from ATI with Video out. an old ass 6 gig hard drive. Don’t need much room anyway. Thats it. Put Win98 on it Drivers. DirextX 8, Divx codecs. And Micro Mini DVD Player in the startup menu to autorun and type cd inserted. Ie VCD or DiVx. No keyboard, No Floppy drive, and no mouse. If I want to start a movie, simply hit the reset button. Its a piece of shit computer anyway so who cares :slight_smile: Works great.

Oh yeah forgot the sound card. And the RCA cables to hook up to the Stereo :4

uhg… i just use normal tv-out on my main computer with a home made rca cable for divx playback on my tv. works fine. all i need now are good movies to watch. i got “not another teen movie” and that was shit.

great! Make the DivX players!! Look at and

They want $299.00 just for the case. Screw that. Just get a small desktop case and spray paint it.

axia, why not make your own? quick visit to to find out how, then off to blockbuster to “rent” a dvd for the night :4 (in german) :4

I’ve got a laptop with a dvd drive and tv-out. I can use it for mp3 dvd and divx what more would you want? It’s small and in a nice dark gray colour. so no messy painting for me :slight_smile:

My laptop is to old for that. I went though 4 of them. Stopped buying laptops 3 years ago. You can’t upgrade a laptop except for ram and hardrive space. Just stick to towers now. But that is the way to go if you don’t need your laptop I guess. Kinda an expensive way to go. You might as well buy the orginal DVD’s and be done with it.