Standalone compatability

firstly i think dvd to one is the best software i have bought for my pc i have had amasing results,
im using dvd decriptor dvd to one and copy to dvd everything i have burned no problems.
im finding my psx2 will play them ok and my sony standalone.
i have tested on loads of players at work and im finding a lot of them will play the movies ok but someare skipping and freezing this can happen at any point on the film after 10 minutes or an hour and at diferent points .
tried everything i can find on the forum
all media tried datasafe,samsung and now ive tried the riteks same thing happens…is it may be that some players just wont handle backups? my m8 has a grundig and it wont play without skipping and freezing but the same disc is ok on my psx2, does anyone know if different burning software gives different results in standalones??? thought i might try nero but i dont wanna waste my time if im doing it right and its just some machines cant play them
other peoples experiances with standalone players would be interesting help please…

There are alot of players that can’t play dvd-r, -rw, +r or +rw media.

Go here:

They hav a player compatabilty section where you can checkout the players.

cheers for the reply, i think i got some problem other than the machines playing the discs dunno what it is though.
i played one film through no problem on a grundig next film on it freezes and skips…very weird this happens a lot has anyoneone else had any problems burning with copy to dvd i wonder?

any advice on a better burning tool would be cool im new to this and it just looked easy to use but i think this is whats causing the problem, but i dont really know just a good guess.

seems weird that a disc will play ok on a machine and another one burnt exactly the same way as the first one wont play without skipping , any ideas???if you try the problem disc in another machine all ok,
so looking for another program to burn with help needed please

thanks for the help

Originally posted by bunter

any advice on a better burning tool would be cool im new to this and it just looked easy to use but i think this is whats causing the problem, but i dont really know just a good guess.

The best burning tool I’ve found is ImgTool (

It requires you to have Nero installed, but somehow ImgTool’s burns seem to be more compatible with standalone players. If an ImgTool burn doesn’t play, and you’re using good media (I use Verbatim DVD+R) the standalone just doesn’t play burns.

Good luck!

Might seem strange to use just the final end of software, but I’ve always had my best and reliable results burning Title Sets or ISO’s with the burning end of Ulead MovieFactory 2 or Ulead DVD WorkShop 1.3. So for me It’s DVD2one then burn AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS with Ulead. Ulead will burn highly compliant files, in the right order and at the same time ignore any spurious non valid files in the folders.

I have to agree with RichP. ImgTools (now version has been one of my favorite tools. Standalones such as Emerson, go Video, samsung, sony, toshiba, panasonic and apex play my copies burned from ImgTools. I had playability problems in the past with other burn software.

thanks for the avice guys, i downloaded a newer version of nero last night
burned windtalkers on one of them new ritek 4x nero certinally burned quicker than copy to dvd i got a copy working in my sony standalone and my psx2 seems fine, took about 13 minutes to burn with a 105

i turned off wizard
went to dvd rom (udf iso)
unchecked all iso restrictions
unchecked juliet
checked iso level 1
adn iso 9960
udf set to physical condition
and the version 102
i didnt check x box compatability.
just added the empty AUDIO_TS and put the files in a VIDEO_TS
perfect…i dont know what most of this means above but it worked for me.

ill report back as soon as i get a few copies lent out to m8`s to try on there machines, it will be interesting to see if that grundig will play better than with copy to dvd.

dunno if any of you have tried nero or know what the compatability is like??? any info would be good.

one other thing i have read on this forum is about “labels” i always label my discs with press it a couple of people have said this affects some dvd players? i dunno if this is rubbish or not anybody had any problems with this???


Do you know anything about cars - or to be precise, wheels?

If a wheel is not balanced it will wobble and cause vibration.

A DVD rotates in the same fashion as a wheel, only faster. If a label is attached that is not 100% central the DVD will not rotate in an even horizontal pane. The laser, being of a fixed length, will simply skip those parts of the DVD that wobble beneath its length.

Simplistic answer to you question.

About labelling, Pioneer recommend not to because of the heat involved as well as imbalance. I’ve noticed that my early ones that I did label have now gone a nasty brown and some have started to come off, in fact one got jammed in the player, so I don’t do it anymore.

P.S. the laser assembly will try and re-focus, but this makes it all work harder, extra heat, etc., etc.

yeh this is very interesting ive had mixed reaction about labelling the discs some people say they always do it others not,

i think from what your saying better not to,
I wonder weather this will cure the skipping problems im having in some machines??? well we will know for sure on monday cos ive got a couple of discs to lend out to a m8 who has had a lot of problems i will let you all know what happens.

anybody got anything to add about nero as ive just started to burn my dvds with it im wondering about compatability and how it will compare to copy to dvd.

thanks to everyone who has replied to me its a great help this is a good forum solves a lot of problems just hope i can help someone oneday "when i know a bit more "


Regarding the label issue, have a look here :