Standalone CD recorders of yester-year

I have a friend who’s looking to buy a standalone CD recorder. He has scads and scads of church conferance tapes that he wants to be able to convert to CD-Audio and it seems that a stand-alone is really going to be the fastest, SIMPLEST way to accomplish this.

So… given I don’t know all that much about the stand-alone units, only having owned drives for the PC, I figured there HAS to be a terriffic resource here at 'freaks! We’re most likey going to be looking for a usedc machine on e-bay, and first hope to get some input as to what models were hot in their day, what people have found stand the test of time well ect.

So… come all ye freekish ones and pontificate about your stand-alone CD writer experiances! :bow:


I would have bought a stand alone CD recorder if it wasn’t for the fact that you have to buy “Music CD-R’s”. What is a “Music CD-R” you ask? Just a regular CD-R that pays a royalty to the RIAA. The stand alones can’t use the same CDs that you use in your computer. Needless to say the “Music CD-Rs” cost more and are harder to find.


Yup, I appriciate the input for sure. We’re already aware of the Music CD-R issue. I’ve made my friend aware of that and he still feels for the sake of simplicity, it’s worth it to him.


And Music CD-RWs are all but impossible to find…

There are costly “professional” alternatives that do not require the “Music” discs: Such as this (I’d really like to have one of these, but for the price) and this is a good price for this one!
Tascam CDRW900 Specifications

Recording Media: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-RDA, CD-RWDA (high-speed CD-RW is supported)
Recording Resolution: 16-bit
Recording Sample Rate: 44.1kHz
Sample Rate Conversion From: 32kHz –48kHz (with bypass)
Frequency Response: 20Hz –20kHz ±1dB
Signal to Noise: >95dB playback >90dB recording
Total Harmonic Distortion:
Playback: <0.006%
Recording: <0.008%
Wow and Flutter: Unmeasurable (<0.001%)
Channel Separation:
Playback: 90dB
Recording: >80dB
Analog Inputs: Unbalanced Input RCA pin, level -10dBV
Minimum Input Level: -19dBV
Input Impedance: 22kOhms ±10%
Analog Outputs: Unbalanced Input RCA pin, level -10dBV
Maximum Output Level: +6dBV ±2dB
Output Impedance: 600 Ohms ±10%
Phones Output: Stereo (6.3), 20 mW, 32 Ohms
Digital Input and Output: Coaxial RCA, Optical TOSLINK
Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz
Power Consumption: 16W
Dimensions: 482.6mm W x 94mm H x 308mm D (19 W x 3 H x 12 inches

Otherwise, look for a used Pioneer PDR-609. I have one that performs well (Music CD-R, RW only and not for sale :disagree: ). This retailed for around $250-300, as I recall. Look for a good price…

Yeah, I used to work in the pro audio field. I’m very familiar with Tascam. I really appriciate the input with reguard to the PDR-609. That’s exactly the kind of real-world input I was hoping to find! :smiley:

I still have my registered copy of Cool Edit 2000 too, but I can’t seem to get it to function properly under windows XP. Grrrr… I’m gonna PM you about CE 2K

Thanks again!


Joe, my CE2K works with Win98, and a WinXP desktop and WinXP laptop without problems, so I can’t help with that. See my PM. Good luck with finding that CD recorder. regards, gamma1

Only one on all of e-bay and it’s currently $51+$15 shipping, reserve NOT met. I’m starting to think that using his (purchased in 1999 {shudder}) computer is going to be the best way for him to go to stay within his budget. I was kinda hoping that I’d find that people used 'em to back up their records and tapes, then found they didn’t use 'em any more and would sell them for a song. Boy was I wrong. He’s already got a CD-R in his box, so… yeah, $7.00 1/8" TRS to stereo RCA cable and he’s good to go as long as he in fact does have the Nero [U]Suite[/U]. :frowning:

It’d be SO much easier for him to just have a standalone though. Now I’m gonna have to teach him to record wav’s and all that… lol