Standalone can see them, Burner can not, Strange?

Dell XPS with 400 Philips DVD 9701 (latest Frimware)
Software AnyDVD & DVD Dycrypter (I gave up on CloneDVD2 as DVD’s in stand alone players would freeze at layer break)
Stand Alone Player (More than one but main one is) Panasonic F87
Media Verbatium DVD+R DL

Hey Experts,

This seems mighty strange to me but maybe not to the group. Been backing up for a month. Deleted most of my iso’s off my HD last night thinking I could make a backup of a backup. Well, out of about 20 DVD’s, more than half can not be seen by my DVD burner. (The one I burnt them with). They all play perfect on multiple HT stand alone players but most won’t play on the computer drive nor can I see any info on them. I get messages when I try to read them like insert DVD, etc. Can’t see a thing on them, files, etc through Nero, Clone2DVD, DVDFab, DVDDcrypter, etc.

Most were burnt using AnyDVD (background) DVD Dycrypter and Isoburn

Strange, It can burn them, it can’t see them, but they work perfect in at least Sony and Panasonic standalones.

Thanks for any help


You have too many tools instaled, producing such issues.

I sort of need most of them the way things are changing and can see see the files on some DVD currrently, the programs are not running all at once (but I am sure there are reg entries). I could unistall CloneDVD2 since it never could write the layer break right for my burner but what else woud you suggest? Uninstall and reinstall as I need things? Seems like a chore each time I want to burn but I will do what it takes.

If I leave on only what I use that would be …
DVD Decrypter

Thanks for any ideas


Could be an issue with AnyDVD.

I did track it down to ones burnt with DVD fab (latest version, just checked). DVD Decrypter work fine with AnyDVD running in the background and then burn with Isoburn but with some of the heavy protection now I need a vob file burner. Man, if I could only get CloneDVD2 to write a layer change right I would be set. It freezes on the layer change. I can skip a chapter and reverse and get to the start of the second layer but it won’t change layers by itself. I am fine with ISO/MDS files, for newer copies using ANYDVD’s new rip option I need something to burn the vob files, etc. Is there any other simple solution to burn vob sets other than CloneDVD2 & DVDFab that is just a few clicks?