Standalone Blu-Ray Recorders?



I’m considering buying a standalone Blu-Ray recorder. I have several questions:

  1. Since there isn’t a Standalone Blu-Ray Recorder sub-forum, is “standalone” the right term to use when I search for threads? When I say “Standalone,” I mean, like a home theatre component, sitting on top of my Dish Network DVR. My intent is to store some of my Dish movies, sporting events, etc., to BD. The DVR doesn’t have that much hard disk space.

  2. Is it time for the administrators tocreate a Standalone (or whatever the correct term is) Blu-Ray Recorder sub-forum, or are there just too few of them out to merit such a sub-forum?

  3. Am I wasting my time trying to search for these threads… should I look for specific models of BD Recorder, and if so, which should I look for?




If your talking about a blu ray like a dvd recorder I don’t think they are available here yet. Japan has them, maybe other places willing to spend the sort of money they want for them right now.
Other problem is expensive blanks, but hopefully that’ll change soon. I think the external version for PC’s are still going for 350 or more right now as well.
I think for now there just aren’t enough of them in the wild yet but we’ll see what those in charge say.


Standalone typically implies a unit that is self contained and allows connectivity to your AVR system/TV. I haven’t seen any such units yet as there isn’t a market for them…at least not for legal content.


Same as Dogg, have not seen any on the market. The best you’re going to do is to somehow put the show/movie on a HD and burn it with an internal burner. MicroCenter is having a good sale on 12-26.