Standalone ATIP Hider?

Are there any standalone ATIP hiders out there?

Hi Hypermite you can find all the info about crossflashing 812S to 832S in this thread

Method I use for my laptop (no burning software installed):

  • Download latest trial version of CloneCD and install
  • Navigate to the install directory and find the CloneCDTray file
  • Move file to where you want and rename it to ATIP Hider (for example)
  • Double-click on the file when you need it, right click on the tray icon, and choose “cloak cdr”

Nearest i can get to a stand-alone ATIP Hider. :slight_smile:

Very good!!!

MMM… That’s gotta be this month’s hot tip!:wink:

It wont start if you dont have CloneCD installed.

Are you sure? I mean CD 1986 does say it works on his laptop, but does he have CloneCD installed?

I’d say that means what that means.

It works on my laptop Ok, although i must admit i did have CloneCD installed on it a while back…so there’s always a chance that registry entries could be lingering.

I’m just about to put together a new Athlon64 system, so i’ll try it out on a fresh install of windows with a clean registry. :slight_smile: