Stand aloneplayer error (Mad Dog Multimedia Megastor MD-18XTFE)



[qanda]This thread is about the Mad Dog Multimedia Megastor MD-18XTFE. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hello all, the problem im having is up until recently i have no problem burning and watching dvd. now whan i burn i get a disk error in my stand alone player something about playback ,i have also tried the dvd in a few differnt dvd players and i get the same error . im useing nero vision 5 as my burn softwear, also the disk will play in my pc but not the player :a please help me


please try +R media bitset booktype DVD-ROM and burn at 8x or lower.


What brand of blank media are you using, and at what speed are you burning?


im useing fujiflim dvd+r also maxell and sonyand im not sure of the speed i just got dvdfab and it did the same thing as nero


ok i tried to lower it to 8X and i did the book type thing in dvdfad and i get the same error message something about playback mode


did you process this movie in nero vision ?


:confused:i use nerovision 5 and it worked the frist few times and then i tried dvdfab just to c if it was nero and the same thing happend


Can you provide the exact error message you get?


[QUOTE=Eschizzle;2142865]:confused:i use nerovision 5 and it worked the frist few times and then i tried dvdfab just to c if it was nero and the same thing happend[/QUOTE]

can you please give more details about just what you are doing.

nero vision is normally used to capture movies form an input source such as a video camera and burn it to dvd or convert to vcd.

dvdfab is normally used to backup dvd to dvd or to convert dvd to mobile device.

so i am a little confused on exactly what you are doing.


ok i use win avi to convert an avi to a vob then i use nero vision to burn the dvd like i said it was working for a while to burn dvds but lately i,ve been getting errors in my stand alone player that says disk error please eject disk playback feature may not be available on this disk . if u guys have a differnt way to burn let me know i just got dvdfab to see if that made a diff but it did not i gat the same play back error


“fujiflim dvd+r” are not good quality disc and gives problematic results most of the time, are you setting booktype to DVD-Rom ?.
You should think about getting some Verbatim brand they are high quality media and you will love the results.


since your converting its probably not a burning problem. try using FAVC for converting and ImgBurn to burn the dvd.