Stand alone player won't play D\L DVD's

I’ve been downloading DVD’s for a few months now. After I burn them they will play fine in my PC and also on my portable region free DVD player and even on my friends Deawoo Region 1 player. But some of them will not play in my stand alone Sony DVP-NS72P player. I’ll get an error saying “prohibited by area limitations”. These DVD’s have already had Macrovision and RCE protection removed ( I even tried ripping and burning them again with the latest ver of DVDDecrypter) And they are also NTSC not PAL. My stand alone player also plays DVD-r’s well. I haven’t had any trouble backing up any region 1 DVD. I know somebody out there must have this problem too. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I think you need to read the rules. Don’t think you will get much help here with dvd’s you don’t own.:cop:

These are DVD’s that I own. I feel it’s easier to download them than to go through all that ripping and shrinking crap.

sound like the best thing to do is buy a new Deawoo Region 1 player