Stand Alone Player Compatibility?

Ok, i was very enthusiastic about getting a NEC 2500 next week…

Only question…

Does the +R9 work in any normal stand alone players out there(not recorders)?

Everywhere I’ve looked, has said no…but I’ve just encountered two people that said yes.

All the no’s discouraged me, but the 2 shot my hopes up again. So, had to come here to find out the real truth from all you guru’s :slight_smile:

Read the FAQ to learn about bitsetting.

AND don’t forget to use the SEARCH function.
DVD+R DL Compatibility Tests

…And my faith for a direct answer is thwarted by pointing to something i’ve seen 80,000,000 times already…

Yes bitsetting works on DVD+R DL discs.
Compatibility is greatly increased with a booktype of DVD-ROM.
All you need to do is read and search the forum.

so sorry! we were fresh out of spoons to feed noobies…

i guess seeing isn’t reading…

imagine how old it gets if everyone who gets a new drive asks the same questions over and over…

maybe we should make a FAQ list… oh done.

and maybe rather than having 10,000 threads with the same question in it we could just have people read the faq and then use search and if it was something that was unanswered then ask (instead of demand)

oh man i guess my pain meds are wearing off…

Perhaps spending a little extra on a 2510 would be a better choice, they are tweaked for double layer recording

Yep, it was probably going to be the 2510 since I dont wanna do a flash and end up with a dead drive.

I just wanted to know if anyone tested stand alone players mostly to see if any had a 80%+ rate of reading, even though buying that damn Verbatim pack for 1 disc to test is ridiculous.

I see all these tests bout the booktype, but mostly just testing the dvd on DVDroms…A few stand alone players but never exactly what B/model if it actually worked for multiple people.

My dvd unit I bought 5 yrs ago I know wont read them. I dont really feel like dishing out $200 for a new player, finding out it wont read R9…then 5 months later pay another $200 to find another player that might/might not read R9.

You will need to flash the firmware even with ND2510a, as it stands it does not support bit setting.
Herries 1.7v2 beta 5 is very good :iagree:

stock 2510 2.15 firmware does support bitsetting for DL media.
See the ‘Example’ link in my above post.

Ok, see it like this(if you didnt have have the unit already and such)

If you were almost exclusively using the unit to burn DVD’s to watch in a stand alone player…in TODAYS market…
[Mostly DL/R9 will be used, yes I know its expensive and worldly to even get the DL atm]

Would you buy the 2500/2510 RIGHT NOW, What player would you buy if you had the choice.

Of course I’ll probably be using SL discs for a bit till DL becomes more readily accessible, but once the DL hits, I want to know that the burner/player will both be high enough quality to produce disks of quality.
I dont want one, JUST to want one, and to “be hip”.

In the UK ebuyer are selling the ND2500a @ £37 and the ND2510a @ £44, for peace of mind for DL burning i bought the ND2510a

I’m using ripped firmware because i happen to like RITEC media and the stock firmware would NOT allow RITEC 8x media to burn at 8x only 4x and i have burned G03 dye (4x) at 8x without any problems, perhaps i’m just lucky and haven’t had a bad batch.

At the moment i have NOT been able to locate DL media in the UK as yet, so i will also be burning SL for some time to come.

RE Standalone Player, i have a Panasonic RV32 and E50 recorder, they both play discs burned on the ND2510a without any problems, i have also tried them on friends standalones and again they play without any problems.

All i can say is, if i had the cash in hand to buy a recorder, i’d buy the ND2510a again, for me its worked like a dream :smiley:

That helped but it didnt help.

This time someone replied with the stand alone players…

Next step…

Anyone out there w/ a stand alone, that has TRIED a DL and found it works? Model/Brand?

no offense but you are not going to get much info in this thread… i fyou look at the ongoing DL threads (like the one wes pointed you towards) you will find a that several have burned DL and have posted their experiences. including over at cdrinfo forums with the nec DL bitsettng tool.

now for my opinion which you are free to dismiss completely. DL is so overrated it boggles the mind. with dvd shink doing max shrinkage on the extra crap and moderate shrink on the menus i am normally at 20 or less shrinkage on the main movie. to be honest after playing the discs back to back on any player i have had access to there is no noticeable difference. w

when you count up the cost of the drive/ media /time/ ect that you will expend with DL media being the major cost factor in that package you probably would find it cheaper to just buy the disc a second time…

thats my 10 cents my 2 cents is free…

btw the only DL media i am seeing as of yet is a $30 pack that has 1 disc and 9 normal media so pretty hard to get enthused about that when
right now i spend between 20 and 40 cents a disc… maybe it will drop to the same price as single layer but i suspect that if it does the media will be total crap… there is a breaking point with price and my guess is that it is far higher with DL media than SL.

You have made some very good points there ‘cnlson’ I bought the NEC drive because of the good reviews it had recieved here and on other forums, basically i wanted a drive that would write DVD’s with good quality burns and the NEC seemed to be recieving rave reviews in that department. But the DL i thought would be a nice extra :wink:

True at the moment DL media is hard to find and expensive and slow, but that will change. No doubt in 6 months time we’ll all be buying faster double layer recorders and media to use with it as the price wil have dropped by then.

re Standalones
ermmmmmmm ‘duxwig’
Why not buy the NEC drive, they aint exactly expensive :slight_smile: Buy some DL media, burn a DVD and take it around to your local Standalone suppier and try the burned media in some drives, if it plays in one, buy it :iagree: