Stand Alone Playback Problem

I have been trying to burn a copy of a burned DVD that was given to me to pass along. I have an NEC DVD+RW writer and a LiteOn Player on the computer which is a Dell Dimension. I have a Sylvania Dual VHS and DVD player. When I copied the DVD and tried to play it back on the stand along players the error code “Playback feature not available on this disc”. What am I doing wrong and how do I get this corrected?? I have previously used the same brand of discs, Phillips DVD+R, and had no problem with playback on a previously copied DVD that I burned to another disc. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail.

Are you using Anydvd and clonedvd for the copying the copy? Also what version of anydvd or clonedvd are the programs? Does the copy of the copy play itself correctly? And also was the original a working original? What is the dvd your burning? It sounds like you have a bad copy of the source media or the media you burned to is not high enough quality. Also what speed did you burn at and also what is the firmware of the unit? Has this happened before?

I have tried Roxio and also DVD Decrytor. I have the same problem with the original burned DVD. The DVD is a Nexxtech 16X DVD+R. The content is some previously recorded episodes from a High Tide series. It was burned at 2.4 I believe and no I have never had this problem before. This is a first. The firmware I am not sure about. Now since you have asked about that I am curious as to whether that may have been too slow.

I don’t know your exact experiences with Roxio but I haven’t heard very good reply about that program as of lately but I could be wrong I used to have Roxio but didn’t have good results and usage with that program. I thought it was very buggy and poorly written as is conflicted alot with my other program. I since then changed to nero and was happy to done that but you can decide what software you want and choose. I would if you can get the originals source and play that version to check if it works correctly and try with original and see if you get a better copy. But also remember we can only give advice if you own the media itself, I don’t know who owns the copy your referring to but I will wait to see what your reply will be before saying more about this. When you burn at 2.4 that the typically DL media speed and that to me should have gave you a decent burn of a copy assuming the copy had no errors or defeact when you made that copy of copy. Oh yeah, also that dvd is a name I am not familiar with but I would recommend using if you can at least a name brand that is familiar ie verbatim as most recommend but you can choose different you see fit to your needs and budget.

I am thinking what I may have to do is go to the person who did the original DVD and see if I can get an original from her. I have never heard of the brand DVD either that was sent to me and the DVD itself did not look like it was in decent condition. I am not sold on the Roxio. I previously used Nero to burn CD’s on the old computer and was completely happy with it. I am going to see if I can find the program to do both CD’s and DVDs as I am taking notice that it is hard to get the CD’s even burned correctly with the Roxio. I also think I will pick up a better name brand disc such as Verbatim as yes I have taken notice that some of the less known names are not as good. As for the source of the episodes on the DVD, they were burned from a VHS tape to the disc on a regular recorder as far as I have been told. Nothing was sold and it was a project done within a group with the blessings of the star of the show who owns the rights.

Well that good to know but I ask about the unit that they did to convert to disc cause there are good and better units depending on how you figure the price of them. But I would definitly test the source to see how good the coversion to disc was. Then we can see if it was a bad conversion or bad disk copy.

I know that the original was done on a good machine because she does this type of thing on a regular basis and this is also a business of sorts for her. I suspect that the copy that I got, from the original sent to the girl I got it from, may have been done on an inexpensive burner and quite possibly, but I’m not sure its a case, the disc itself may also not have been finalized which I know can keep the stand alone players from playing. Also I have been told that the originals that she sent out on the first tier of copying did not have a problem.

Well try to if you can get a working copy from the original person who created the media and try that to see if it will work on your standalone player. But the reading of what you just wrote did confuse me a bit.

If you don’t own the original of the retail DVD, why are you copying the copy of a copy?

Sorry about that. What I was trying to say is that the disc that was sent to me looks like its seen better days. It has some scratching to it from what I can see. The other thing I was trying to say is that I am wondering, and maybe you can tell me, when you burn a DVD does the disc you burn it to need to be finalized like the CDs do in order for the stand alone players to work. I am curious because a previously burned disc did work when it was finalized and the original was also finalized. Does that make more sense?? I am getting an original that the person that made the DVD is making for me. I will try that one on the player and see how that does when I get it.

I am not copying a retail DVD. I am trying to copy a compilation that was made for the group that I am in. As I said before the compilation was done with the blessing of the actor who starred in the show and most assuredly has the rights to it. It is not being sold and is being done as a sharing program within the group.

Well at least ask the artist what program he/she used to make the disc that might help us identify what we can do next. But if you still can get another copy but before sending it to you make sure he/she test the media as to it’s working condition before getting to you. And those scratches might make a difference in if your reader can read them as well, sometimes a good lens cloth and lens solution can clean some of the buildup but if the scratches are deep might be time to try to get another compilation from the artist. But the error you get
"Playback feature not available on this disc" is that why you press play or when else does that error show up? Just seems like it wasn’t finalized or completed in the process?

From what I’ve been told I believe she has a dual recorder/player. She does test them in the player before sending. The only time I get the error is when I put the disc into the player and push play. The scratches do not look that deep. The disc plays on my computer but not on the stand alone DVD player. I learned from burning CDs that if you don’t finalize them they don’t play on the regular players.

Oh yea, doh forgot should’ve asked what kinda standalone player are you using to play the media she creats for you? Didn’t realize it til now. My bad, a standalone player quality of manufacture could be also be causing part of the problem if its too old or a unknown brand name or is a lower priced model compared to a more expensive model from same brand.

Its Sylvania. One a VHS/DVD player recorder and the other a VHS/DVD player only. I think its the disc because as I said I have tried others on it and they work, just this one doesn’t. I am hoping the disc I get from the original person will solve the problem.

Well ok, we will wait until you get another copy from the artist and then give that a test and see how that runs and play.

I got the original compilation from the original person on the list and surprise it works in the stand alone. I am now 99.9% sure that it was either the disc was bad or it was not finalized. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what happens with the burning process. And we have success. Thank you so much for your help!!! I love this place coming here for tech support is amazing.

NP. Everyone member is here to help and give tips on what they know to do and look for. Everyone has different experiences which comes in handy.