Stand alone MPG/WMV player



Hello, does anyone know of a stand alone player that will play MPG and WMV files? I’m looking for a DVD or blu ray player, not media player, that will play these formats. Thanks


MPG is very common, WMV may be non existent, due to licensing fees from M$oft.

EDIT: I spoke too soon. I just Googled ‘WMV BD players’ and found a few of them.


Hi olyteddy, I googled WMV BD players too and didn’t find any WMV BD players, except for the Philips 7300 but it had bad reviews contesting whether it can really play WMV files.

Please, if anyone knows of a stand alone WMV/MPG player, please let me know. Thanks.


[B]Here is one for example[/B]

[U][B]Samsung BD-D5300[/B][/U]