Stand alone DVD rip/burn Q's

Hey guys what’s up. Real quick question for ya. My dad has been using my PC for his DVD ripping/burning needs and it’s really cutting into time I could be spending on my own projects. And since it’s the holiday season I wanted to surprise him with a really cool gift.

I would like to get him a standalone DVD ripper/burner machine if one even exists. So basically I’m trying to see if there even exists a product which rips and burns DVDs without a computer interface. I want to get him something of quality so I’m very interested in what you guys would recommend. Thanks again!! Peace.

There is such a thing as a dvd duplicator. Here is an example of a simple 1 target duplicator.

This kind of machine will NOT break encryption. So it is useless for most commercially made dvds.

If your father is making backups of commercially made dvds, he’ll need a basic computer that can run decryption programs, like DVDFab HD Decrypter or AnyDVD.