Stand alone dvd recorder question

Hello everyone, my first post here. I have a newbie question here. I would like to transfer my home videos from vhs to dvd. Since I already have a vcr, do I still need a dual vhs to dvd recorder, or can I purchase a stand alone dvd recorder and connect that to MY vcr to transfer the movies? Would this be the easiest way to do this, or would it be easier to do it on my computer? I have a dvd burner on my computer, buy don’t have any idea what hardware or software I would need to start this process. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

Any way would do…

Standalone DVD recorder, SCART connected (preferably) to the VCR, or a dual would save space and cable tangle.

The best way would be to capture by computer, as then you could edit, though once you have it on DVD, you could rip and edit on the computer.