Stand Alone DVD Players Compatible with DVD Shrink Backups



Hello everybody…newcomer to the forum!!!

Being a novice and inexperienced user of DVD Shrink I would like some help from more experienced users how to make backups compatible and playable on a wide range of DVD players especially older ones, i.e. more than 2-3 years old.

At the moment I am using DVD Shrink Beta v.5 as in my opinion it is the most attractive and user-friendly software making very good backups. Am I right?? From where can I get a full guide of this software? Can I selectively remove unwanted extras (FBI warnings, tailers etc) from the full disk mode?

Which media brand found to be most compatible with most dvd players? Does it make a difference??

My Nero Burning Rom software is v. and I am using ImgTool v.1.00.6 to burn to a DVD-R. Shall I better upgrade to a newer version? I found ImgTool quite straight to the point application! What are File System Flags, i.e. Enable UDF, Enable Joliet, Enable ISO 9660 and Enable Mode 2? Do these settings effect compatability? What are the right and appropraiet settings for high compatability? What does UDFFS stands for?

Any help and comments on this thread are welcome and highly appreciated.

Bye-Bye folks…


Hi renmar and welcome to our forum!

DVD Shrink is indeed a very cool program since it’s completely freeware and besides that it’s always being developed. For my DVD back-ups I use CloneDVD and DVD2one but to burn the transcoded files I use Nero Burning ROM 6 (previously 5.5). I’ve set-up an easy to use profile which has all the correct setting for setting up a DVD compilation in Nero. You can download it here. Just drag & drop your transcoded files to the compilation, change the title (must be in CAPS) and burn away. I’ve had good success with these settings and so far my DVD back-ups play in every drive I tested, even a PS2 and an Xbox.

If you want to learn more about DVD Shrink I think it would be a good idea to read through some of the threads in our Transcoding Software Forum since that’s where the software is discussed. We also have a Guides and Tutorials section with some handy information. Hope this helps you on your way!