Stand Alone DVD Firmware

I know this is a bit off topic but I dunno where to go.

My question is where, if possible I can get DVD firmware for stand alone DVD consoles. I have a RCA DVD on my home theatre that I’d love to try to flash (again if possible, I’m new on this battlefield). :cool: The damn console only likes CD-RWs (and some brands only like Precision disks), and this is of course more expensive and SLOWER when burning something.

I don’t care about movies since i buy what I like and got PPV here so I see what I want, Anime is the problem…I’m a big anime fan and I HATE to get dubbed translations since you loose a lot of feeling in the acting and usually get censored a lot (DBZ on cartoon network anyone…Technoman(Tekkaman)?..Escaflowne…Robotech(Macross)…you name it :Z ?)

This is hard to get so I get a lot thnx to your local P2P service :bow: and I’d love to get some good quality anime on my home theatre.

Thnx for the help!!!


all i can say is that it is possible to update the firmware of a Standalone DVD-Player… i got my one from the official homepage… but i dont have RCA DVD…