Stand-alone burners

Are stand-alone CD burners junk? I was thinking of buying a CD duplicator (not the expensive manufacturing-scale copiers, just the personal disc-to-disc variety that you can buy at BestBuy). I know when I’m burning CD’s with a computer, it recommends making a copy to the hard drive first before burning a disc. Will a stand-alone unit make a poor quality copy because it has no HD?

some have a hd

Is that the 2MB cache that is advertised? The product in question is a $200 unit…nothing fancy

Can you give us a link to the product, so we can evaluate it!


If it only has a 2 mb buffer, it sounds like it doesnt have a hdd,
I did see the ones in tigerdirect for about 300, but I dont have it has a hard drive. Kanguru’s have Plextor and Yamaha drive’s in them.

Do some research before, and make an informed decision.

And please if there is a link to it on a page, by all means dont be afraid to post it. The more info we have the more we can help…

Thanks for the response. The product in question is the Alera Technologies CD Copy Cruiser Plus found on the Best Buy website for $219 (