Stack of ProdiscF02 loves 8X but burners only 4x them... Swap?

Hey, figure you guys could throw me a tip here. Been useful so far… :bow:

So I have three DVD burners - a Pioneer DVR-K16 slim drive, a GENERIC DVD RW 8XMax (yep, I still have that relic, a OptoRite OEM), and a TDK DVDRW1280B (OEM Lite-On SOHW-1213S). The GENERIC crapper is worthless… the Pioneer burns at 8x but only at the outer circle of the disc (Z-CLV), and the TDK doesn’t have this disc type in its firmware so it only burns at 4x, if it burns at all. It even has trouble spinning up these darn discs.

I bought a spindle of 50 of these things - I’m still trying to understand the dark art of buying media - and I’m sure not buying another until I get rid of these. But what I don’t want to do is burn through a whole spindle of these things and have them all be bad burns that’ll be unreadable in a month. I saw a scan of someone testing these ProdiscF02’s (Maxell branded; mine are Memorex) and the results were “impressive”. Mine weren’t so much.

Is there a good way to swap strategies on the TDK drive with OmniPatcher? Should I simply rename the ProdiscF01 strategy (which, by default, permits 8x)? Anyone got any advice there?

Might be a good excuse to get a shiny new burner. :stuck_out_tongue: Although you could always try some strategy swapping as you mention, but it may or may not yield the results you’re looking for and may take quite a few tested discs in the process.

Well, the TDK burner is in a computer I’m borrowing (to fix… yes… yes… that’s the excuse for hacking up firmware on the drive!), so I won’t have to put up with it for long. Hopefully long enough to plow through this spindle of crap! The “Generic” is my ancient burner - the first one I ever bought. The Pioneer is the one that goes with my main PC (laptop). I needed a slim drive since I wanted a self powered external burner, and Pioneer was suggested. So far it’s been exceptional with most media - I really should go on a Taiyo Yuden hunt for my next cakebox though. :smiley:

At any rate, I ran OmniPatcher on the ROM, grabbed the media ID from the ProdiscF02’s and applied it to the ProdiscF01 strategy, and sure enough, not only did it actually learn how to spin up the discs (lol), but it also allowed me to burn at 8x! It’s cranking out the disc now in ImgBurn… I’ll post the results as soon as I get 'em and scan 'em. I hope this topic helps someone… other than me :smiley:

BTW, this spindle of 50 cost 10 bucks at CompUSA on sale… couldn’t beat it for being non-store brand discs, I thought they’d be decent quality. :smiley:

Well, the results? My Pioneer scanned this latest burn dirt slow, don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe I should restart it and see if it does any better…

But they were pretty bad. Not quite as bad as the Generic burn, but… I didn’t expect the quality to go DOWN when it hit 8x… :frowning:

Pioneer drives tend to greatly exaggerate PIE levels and it can be tough to get a good judgement on their scans, however if the PIF levels are low then the discs are probably decent. The scans look fair, but DVDInfoPro’s scans are bizarre, what the heck am I looking at, two scans of different speeds overlapped? How about a scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed?

Yeah, those two were of two different discs. The red one in each is my “best yet” scan, created by the Pioneer itself.

I had previously gotten excellent scans with different media so it’s surprising to see this huge an amount of crap all over the place. It can read the discs, but I’m worried about how long they’ll stay around… I don’t want to be making burns that won’t last longer than it’ll take to put them in the case! :frowning:

I will, however, go see if the TDK is capable of scanning. I think it was able to (DVDInfoPro didn’t complain but the drive didn’t want to spin up the disc last time…). Just a minute :slight_smile:

Like I said, it can be tough to judge much from Pioneer scans, but from what these show I don’t see anything all that bad - they can often report high PIE levels in perfectly good discs, and the PIF levels don’t look bad, so if they are read fine in a Transfer Rate Test then they should be fine.

That’s for darn sure. Here are the scans done on the TDK drive. This is the disc I burned with the Pioneer at 2/4/6/8x (same as was scanned in red above)…

And here’s the one for the modded ProdiscF01->ProdiscF02 firmware (same disc as scanned in my 2nd screenshot post from the top)…

Equally uneventful… except for that very odd red blotch at the beginning of both. Drive error? I dunno.

Well, if you guys trust 'em, I guess they’ll still do fine in the Pioneer drive for burning, since none of my other drives can manage to do a decent burn on them… :smiley: