Stability of Made in India media

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Hello Moomin, :slight_smile:

I took Imation-branded MBIPG101 R04 out of my “favorite media” list because they had more and more defects (dye spots) leading to failed burns. The same MID under TDK has always been great for me (they’re not available anymore :(), but the Ricoh-branded I tried were frankly unstable. :Z
As I explained in another thread, manufacturing quality really matters, and there are definitly different grades of the same MID out there.

As for MII MCC004. Mmmh. I don’t have any degradation issue with these personally, and from my own experience I’d tend to trust them for long term if the initial burn looks good. But these MII Verbies are so variable from batch to batch that I wouldn’t be surprised if some odd batch would reveal unstable.

Anyway. Each time I read someone asking about the expected longevity of a given disc model, I have the same feeling: you need to test this with your own discs and your own burner and your own burning habits! For example I’ll trust (for longevity) @8X burns more than @16X/18X burns because the higher burning speed induces higher jitter, which has been demonstrated as being correlated to shorter lifespan.

So unless one checks his discs regularly, the same recommendation still stands: burn anything important on at least 2 different (reputable) disc models, and burn them @8X (unless it’s 4X media of course :bigsmile: ). Then you’re really very unlucky if you loose your data or media files. :slight_smile:


Hello Franck, thanks for your reply.

Do you yourself care where your MCC004 is made, or do you both use MIT and MII randomly?


If I’m in a shop and I can choose between both, I pick the MIT out of caution, and because I generally get prettier PIE/PIF scans with them (and even though I’m not anal about scans, far from it, I wouldn’t be a CDFreak if I didn’t choose prettier scans when all other aspects are the same :bigsmile: ). When I order online from SVP, I don’t pay attention, really. If (when?) I meet a really bad MII batch like other have experienced, I’l probably sing a different song though. :bigsmile: