Stability of BackItUp under



Can anyone comment on the stability and performance of BackItup installed with the NERO update? i.e. Is it still a piece of garbage? :wink:


currently backing up a 25.4gb IBM Deathstar to DVD+R…working fine so far…


What type of stability issues are you having with Backitup? Works fine on my system. Download the Nero Cleantool from the following link: when finised reboot the system and install from the download page:



I am using of BackItUp and it consistantly crashes (i.e. it just disappears from screen and taskbar without a trace) when I am using the restore feature and click on the alternate path section to restore my backup to. It also, in general, has some areas that should’ve been noticed before it went gold i.e. when you schedule a job and it pops up a window saying insert a CD-DVD to start backup, it doesnt tell you which job it’s wanting to do. How on earth are you supposed to know which disk it wants and what job it’s doing? Also, on creation of several jobs, the Welcome Screen will only display about 3 jobs. The rest get squashed and disappear with no scrollbar to find them unless you drag the border line down. Seems to me as though it wan’t QA Tested much, if at all before being released. So, yeah, hopefully those issues have been resolved. If not, ouch. It brings down the whole Nero package.

P.S. The cleantool is all very fine and well but for the average ma/pa user who vbuys Nero off the shelf and it crashes and disappears from screen every time they want to restore, what good is that? What good is a product if you have to have a bare bones clean system to use it? Why not build cleantool into the installer?