SST (super-talent) DDR2-800 2gb kit for $76 shipped No Rebate @eWiz

Very nice stable and high overclockable ram using micron IC for $76 shipped, no rebates involved, super good deal

Mfr Part Number: T8UX2GC5
Type: DDR2
Capacity: 2 GB (2x 1GB)
Speed: PC6400 800MHz
Size & Bit: 64 x 8
Pins: 240pin
Registered: No
Heat Sink: Yes


Are you sure they use Micron D9 chips ?
I might ask a friend for a pair :slight_smile:

that is most nice. wish the PC3200 would come down to that price.

PC3200 is only going to go up in price now.

2 x 1 gig PC3200 for $99.91 plus shipping. I think this is the cheapest I have ever seen for two gigs of PC3200 memory. No, it isn’t as cheap as DDR2, but if you already have a nice system which uses DDR, then the upgrade is well worth it.

It’s just amazing
In 10-06, I bought a 2 gB kit for $350+
$700+ for a total of 4gb
That really hurts :sad:

BTW, forgot to mention, these sticks are D9 Micron

Hey GC
where do you find the info on the memory chip build ie Micron etc?

Oh, I did mention Micron IC in the post
to find out the whether you get micron IC or not is from this site: