SSDs slowly winning over consumers

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That’s nearly a CD per second! :eek:

As flash drives are usually rated at CD read speed (e.g. 133x), I wonder if we’ll soon need to re-rate flash drives (in this case SSDs) as CDs per second. :smiley:

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price goes up and don’t have stock :a very tired keep waiting
Faster SSDs [B]move very slowly[/B] winning over consumers :stuck_out_tongue:

Demand is still outstripping what can be produced, therefore NAND prices are remaining high, and stock of Gen2 SSD drives are hard to locate.

30GB and 60GB 2nd Gen SSDs, especially OCZ, are difficult to come by in Ireland now.

Komplett currently stocks the OCZ Summit 60GB with 64MB cache for €175 inc. VAT. It also carries a few Corsair 30GB & 60GB SSD models with cache and similar specs to the OCZ.

For anyone who wants an SSD, I recommend getting one now if they any local/online store still has it in stock for a reasonable price. With the Christmas season coming up and recent news stories about flash memory in a shortage due to the iPhone 3GS, prices are likely to continue rising until at least the holiday season is over.

Finally, don’t go trying to replace your desktop HDD with a matching size SSD! Instead, get an SSD that is large enough to hold your OS and software and keep your HDD present for data, music, video, etc. where seek performance and high speed performance does not matter.

For the average user, 30GB is fine for Windows XP and 60GB is fine for Windows Vista & 7. If you store a lot of photos, music, etc., either store these on your HDD or redirect your user profile to the HDD which will automatically store documents, music, etc. on the HDD.

I give up SSD ( low capacity and very higher price )
and I move to SATA 3.0 ( 6.0GB ) Seagate barracuda XT 2TB ( $299 )
it is fast and bigger size

P.S it is possible [B]Two 2TB[/B] HDD RAID 0 ?

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2430620]I’m sure there will be people who claim their systems are soooo much faster after defragging their SSD drive! :p[/QUOTE]

I routinely defrag my RAM, it definitely improves the speed of my system, at the very least by a factor of 12.