SSDs slowly winning over consumers

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Cost and hardware issues aside, the future is SSD, analysts predict.

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When the price of SSD gets down to or close to where hdd prices are now I might consider
taking the plunge but they are still way to expensive right now. :eek:

SSD’s ? The Future ? Wow, I would never have guessed !

Maybe sliced bread is also a good idea…oh… wait…

OF COURSE it’ll take off !!!

I agree :iagree: SSDs slowly winning over consumers

there is no price drop recently :sad:

I tend to like to use a fast drive for my OS drive (C:). It makes running windows/apps/games a little faster.

I don’t need a giant drive for it… so an SSD might be possible the next time I buy a computer. I don’t need a big drive for the OS drive, but I usually run a few large drives seperate for storage.

I have been fortunate enough to have several of the Intel X25-E SSD drives, and I love them. Sadly, they are for work. The good news being I didn’t pay for them, the bad that they are AT work, not in my home systems. I have tested them as OS drives, data drives, etc. and they rock at everything. They even RAID well, which is great. I got over 600 MB/s throughput under Windows XP with 6 of them in RAID 0. So they are pretty cool.

I’d buy several for home use if the prices were more reasonable. I’d be seriously tempted at $1.50 a gig, and would likely buy at $1 a gig. But the Intel drives, though among the best available, are around $13 a gig, which is just WAY too much, even for business use. If the other makers, like OCZ, can overcome the controller issues that have been a problem, and get more consistent performance, there should be alternatives to the Intel that are more affordable. But right now they are all to high. I hope the manufacturers realize that they are hurting themselves if they keep the pricing so high. But if they can get the prices down to reasonable levels, I will use these drives for sure.

OCZ no longer have controller issues, that is something that has been sorted since March, when OCZ and many others such as Supertalent and GSkill switched to using the very powerful Indilinx SSD controller,they are more than just a match for Intel’s MLC drives, and they have SLC based drives which many say the best available.

Price per GB currently stands at around $4.5 for Intel MLC and $4.3 for Indilinx based SSD.

You will also get more bang from switching from even the fastest mainstream HDD to a generation 2 SSD, than you will going from a 3GHz Dual core due to an i7.

[QUOTE=Dee;2429774]You will also get more bang from switching from even the fastest mainstream HDD to a generation 2 SSD, than you will going from a 3GHz Dual core due to an i7.[/QUOTE]

Interesting stat. I’ve been looking at the 2nd generation Intel SSD for a couple days now and if they become available again at MSRP, I might consider one. Still almost $250.00 for an 80GB drive is a tough pill to swallow.

No defraging must rock!

[QUOTE=peck1234;2430454]No defraging must rock![/QUOTE] I’m sure there will be people who claim their systems are soooo much faster after defragging their SSD drive! :stuck_out_tongue:

All flash media devices need to see orders of manitude price declines… I still don’t understand why the pricing hasn’t gotten more competitive… does this industry want to replace other tried & true mediums such as Disc technology and Hard drives or not? They keep crawling along at a capacity disadvantage and price premium that won’t support the mass markets. In the next 4 years FLASH drives can EASILY destroy the blue-ray disc & drive market(s) if pricing becomes competitive! 64gb cards for around $5 could easily do that… but at $1+ a gigabyte, it’s still too pricey to justify. Apparently as SSD drives, they will be chasing hard drives for years to come in terms of price per gigabyte capacity/value. The industry talks a good talk, but they’ve yet to put their money where their mouth is on this one and consumers aren’t stupid, or well funded enough to oblige. Perhaps if they were at todays pricing 8-10 years ago in this capacity, we’d have a horse race… but now? No way, Jose!

The ONLY thing holding me back from purchasing an SSD (or many for that matter), is price. I have two WD 640GB drives in my system, as well as two 250GB drives in each of my kids’ PCs and in the PC in the living room. It’d be fantastic to replace all of these or even supplement these drives with SSDs. But at their current price, hell no!

I’m just happy to see Captain Obvious is alive and well running around influencing people to write pointless articles.

SSD is not designed to take over the storage market at the moment, but they could build a 4TB drive quite easily, the problem is price. NAND is still very expensive, doubling the capacity on an HDD is very cheap, just add another platter and heads. Doubling the capacity of SSD, more or less doubles the price of an SSD, as 85% of the cost is the NAND flash itself.

SSD is more or less focused on replacing an OS drive, and OS doesn’t need to be large, in fact, a large OS partition is wasteful and dangerous, as it just encourages people to start storing important data there.

I still find it hilarious that folks will spend £400 on a graphics card, yet think that SSD is to expensive.

once I use SSD ( APEX 60GB / Generation 1 )
I’m not happy with use Normal 7200rpm and 10000rpm HDD ( OS Drive )
replace one by one every month from HDD to SSD for OS Drive

[QUOTE=djfunz;2430156]Interesting stat. I’ve been looking at the 2nd generation Intel SSD for a couple days now and if they become available again at MSRP, I might consider one. Still almost $250.00 for an 80GB drive is a tough pill to swallow.[/QUOTE]
I’ve be interested in running the OS and some core programs from a SSD and using a fast SATA 1.5 t to store all the data and backup files. Would this greatly increase the speed of my system. Some manufactures are selling products like paintshop on SSD now. Is this possible now?

I’ve seen adapters that will allow plugging a CompactFlash into an IDE hard drive slot. No idea if faster or slower than HDD but looks like a really cheap test drive.
Anyone have an idea of relative speeds?
IDE vs SATA vs USB2 vs SSD vs CompactFlash-on-IDE-adapter???

^ The NAND in compact flash is very slow compared to SSD NAND. Also SSD have multi channel controllers for accessing several NAND chips at the same time, this is where most of the speed on SSD comes from.

I recently purchased an OCZ Vertex Turbo 30GB SSD to replace the O/S drive in my main PC. The performance difference is quite noticable.

Want a new meaning to wiping the drive? Drag your feet on the carpet a few times, then touch the SSD; instant wipe! ok, So I’m being silly…
Price is the hinderance for most of us at this point. Even the most tried and trued experimenter has to drop anchor at some of the prices the companies offer…

Just for some fun, two OCZ Indilinx SSD in RAID0