SSDs shipments to overtake HDD shipments by 2021

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According to a forecast compiled by market research company Statista, there will be more SSDs sold than HDDs by 2021. This year less than 400 million HDDs will be shipped. By 2021 this number will decline to 330 million HDDs shipped annually, while SSD shipments go up from about 200 million SSDs shipped this year to 360 million by 2021.

What about the capacity?

A 2TB-HDD costs 56€, a 2TB-SSD 502€

I´m sure the most data will be in 2021 on HDDs, maybe not a home but in the cloud-servers.

[quote]According to a forecast compiled by market research company Statista, there will be more SSDs sold than HDDs by 2021.[/quote]This is all hype…SSD until it cost the same for a 3tb HDD then it will overtake HDD shipments and until it can do that it will not overtake HDD that is a “Alice in Wonderland”. Also you have to wonder where are they getting all this data since it doesn’t tell us how and what they used to come to this conclusion as well and whom is paying them to do the data charts? The predication seems to be making some big leaps but doesn’t explain how the rest whom are on HDD going to upgrade to benefit from this either?

[quote]Although currently HDDs generally offer greater capacity, a lower price per GB, and a longer product lifetime, SSDs are faster and consume less power.[/quote]I have yet to see a real independent test to verify lifespan of SSD drives. They are faster and consume less power but one needs to remember when they first came out they had bad record failures so the writer is trying to forget history here.

[quote]While SSDs are still far more expensive per GB than HDDs, technology advancements caused the price per GB to drop significantly already.[/quote]Another take that missed the point. They are in fact more expensive per GB then HDD. And til the cost is same as a 3tb HDD then all the advancement means nothing here. I have yet to see significant price drop in SSD especially the 1tb and 2tb drives when for the same a HDD will cost far less. So until they control and bring down cost HDD will still outsell SSD for price and GB capacity.

[quote]The price difference between SSDs and HDDs is however still enormous, Amazon sells a WD 4TB HDD for about $109.95, while a Samsung 4TB SSD goes at $1,517.[/quote]That is something those advocating to go and buy a SSD doesn’t want to tell you. How and why would you expect someone wanting 4tb to sell and kidney or two for a SSD when for far far less you can get a 4tb HHD for the same price. I like to also point out if most from electrical or electrical engineering anything that runs on electricity will fail at some point in their lifespan and to think a SSD won’t is being very disingenuous and not showing the complete story here.