SSDs not quite ready for the big time

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Flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) continue to increase in storage capacity while dropping in price, but adoption rates have still been slow, and will be slow for a while longer.

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I see SSD as used for the OS main drive. HDDs will still be used for mass storage needs…at least until SSD becomes 1TB for same price as HDD

Problems to overcome. Wear levelling/lifetime of write cycles. Slow small file writes. OS issues (Windows 7 is said to be addressing this).

Wake up and smell the coffee folks! SSD is a revolutionary step in PC’s. You’ll immediately notice a performance increase on your current PC. SSD offers great performance, great reliablity, no noise, no heat. Let’s use an example of how revolutionary SSD is… You can still buy a CRT TV or plasma TV today for a lower price, but you still want an LCD TV. You can’t see the differnce on SSD, but you can feel the difference with SSD. Once you use an SSD you will never go back to HDD. Trust me you will love it!

When they are at least 1TB and cost the same as 1TB HDD’s I may think about it.

I’m with Vikampion and Tony on this one. I would love an affordable SSD for my boot drive! As soon as I can justify one- I’m gonna take the leap. I would be happy with say 100 to 160GB SSD that is fast for a laptop and maybe a heck of a lot smaller for a PC, say 64GB or less. Then I will just stream/store content with dirt cheap HDD from a NAS or WHS whatever. This is an exciting section of tech to keep an eye on.