SSDs are faster on Windows 8.1 than on Windows 7 – good job Microsoft!

We’ve just posted the following news: SSDs are faster on Windows 8.1 than on Windows 7 – good job Microsoft![newsimage][/newsimage]

Based on our testing we can conclude that Windows 8.1 is consistently faster in data throughput on Solid State Disks (SSDs) than Windows 7.

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That’s at least a little encouraging as newer in IT tends to mean slower and heavior while costing more.

It’s hard to believe in optimizations by Microsoft.

Since HWBOT banned Windows8 results because of “inconsistent behaviour of the clock”. This “problem” changes ( up ) the results of the benchmarks using Windows8 in comparison with Windows7.

That’s not what I found in my testing but each persons configuration is different so you really cant compare. In my system my SSDs are faster with Windows 7 but that’s just me.:wink:

They measurements are taken with external hardware. Only the host PC is running Win8 and the applications. So any difference is not down to Win8 and the PC clock.
The external hardware is measuring what is happening on the SATA bus, and is accurate to within 0.03%.

I can only speculate why Win8.1 is faster.
Win8.1 renders the data faster, therefore there is more data to move in the same time frame when compared to Win7.