SSDs 2nd most popular PC component – Samsung SSDs on top

SSDs 2nd most popular PC component – Samsung SSDs on top.

Want to know the most popular SSD brands and how SSDs compare to other PC components, click to read more!

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p.s. I would love to see how the OCZ Vector is getting on

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I guess it’ll be more interesting to look again in a few weeks time.

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I’m surprised video cards are dead last. I would think that between video games and GPU encoding, video cards would be on the rise. I suppose that most gamers probably have standalone game systems, eliminating the need for computer upgrades .Also, GPU encoding tends not to look as great as pure software encodes.


After the release of the new Samsung 840 series, the very respectable toggle nand based 830 series is now under $1 per gigabyte.

I’ve bought 10 of them in the last month for various reasons & various people.

Also the publicity of Samsung versus Apple means that Samsung is now a household name, and the success of the phones and tablets means that Samsung is a brand that consumers are familiar with.

I think apple should be given a large chunk of credit for Samsung’s success in the non-traditional market.

I have to ask in all those data mining how and what were endusers bought compared to what factory installed? And also SSD in laptop makes a laptop cost more so you would only guess that putting SSD in their laptop regardless of whom makes them gives them more incentives to increase the laptop prices. I don’t seem to see any point on the data mining where there was the endusers aka consumers and what they were buying or choose to buy as what the manufacture chooses to sell to consumers. Gamers are a different type in their own right as they research so they are not the majority but they do research and build for gaming needs. All those other components are coming down in prices so you can only think they need another way to bring in more profit so SSD fits the bill as well.