SSD vendors provide reliable performance specifcations

We’ve just posted the following news: SSD vendors provide reliable performance specifications.

Data compiled by Myce shows SSD vendors provide honest performance specifications. Hardly any of the specified performance indicators showed big differences with the results we measured during our reviews.
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Good to have it confirmed.

It is so true that different hardware yields different performance, but a composition of modern components will generally give equally good or very close results. Different chipsets have different qualities and thus varies slightly in performance.

Then there is differences in driver versions can also make a measurable difference, along with modified CPU clock speed (overclocking), or bus clock speed.

In general it is Intel SATA 6Gb/s that provides the better performance for SSDs.

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Yes for fresh out of box they communicate the correct numbers, but what about in steady state? After the drive has been filled once you will never see those numbers again.

Not entirely true RaidmanZ :slight_smile:

This used to be somewhat true for most drives. Recent technology actually tends to show slightly improved performance, like the Samsung EVO:


Those results aren’t following industry-standard procedures for degraded performance testing. Refer to SNIA for clarification.