Ssd & sshd

Hi everyone:D I am pretty new to the game in computers and all. I am attending American Intercontinental University Online. I was reading an article in our virtual commons that caught my eye. I would like to learn how to build a com[puter completely with SSD and SSHD hardware. I need to know what all I need to accomplish this and where I can obtain it. We can worry bout the cost of it later, right now I just want the knowledge of how to accomplish this task. Any hel[p would be truly appreciated.
Kind regards Pete

Is that a question about how to build a computer for personal use or about the differences between SSD and SSHD?

  1. Building a PC can be difficult for less enthusiatic people. It may be fun for some members of websites like this one and need not be complicated. Great video sessions are available and elsewhere.

  2. Differences between SSD and SSHD are many, but the most important one is random read and write speeds of very small files. If money is not a sensitive issues, fill a PC with multiple SSD drives.

  3. Installing SSDs is easier than installing HDDs.

  4. Ordering SSDs is easier than ever as most bestselling SSDs are now both very powerful and highly reliable and most retail computer hardware components sell them at honest prices. Domestic surface shipping rarely costs more than US$5.

  5. All of the above depend on your location, preferences, usage scenario, etc.

Hey Kenshin; thank your the reply, I want to build a computer for personal use for now, I am in school right now in IT with my concentration on Network Administrations. So this being a starting point for me will very likely turn into something bigger and I get closer to graduation. Right now I am on an E machine, It has a 500 GB HD and 2 Gig of ram and is not what I am happy with ,it is very slow. Ii tends to get a little hotter then it should it runs most of the time in the 50 Degree C range and above when I am working on my school project with all my research and paper production I have to do. I have many programs installed and I am learning how to use them.I want more than anything to build a computer that can stand up to my daily activities and that will stand up to networking, I am working on server 2012 R2 learning how to use it and hyper V as well. any help in the line of what I will need to purchase to build this computer is greatly appreciated
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I suggest to all first-time computer-assemblers that they have a ‘coach’ along with them. Someone who’s built many, because there are so many shortcuts and “best ways” to assemble the parts - first things first, second, third.

For example… every motherboard comes with a small metallic ‘shield’ that fits in the case, where the motherboard’s built-in port connectors (Mouse, Keyboard, USBs, Video, speakers, etc) fit. That little shield needs to be in the case, first.

The standoffs in the case need to be inserted first.

These are small issues and, if I put in the motherboard too early, I can fairly easily pull it out and install all the First Parts ‘first’. But having a coach, an experienced assembler, helps sooo much. Assembly may only take 30 minutes, maybe less, maybe a bit more.

Having an experienced friend will make sure the best, quickest ways are known.

Hi Christine; Thank you for the heads up on the process. Is there somewhere I can get a list of items I will need to purchase? can I not use some of the stuff I have from computers I took apart?

Perhaps adding any US$100 SSD to your existing PC will be enough for now, but make sure it’s one of the latest.

There are many sites that put together guides for making your own computer, depending on how much you want to spend, and on how much computing power you’ll need.

Here is one from Ars Technica:

And one from The Tech Report:

Those two are mainly guides for current hardware choices. If you need a basic guide on [B]how[/B] to put a computer together, this older one from TR should give you a starting point: