SSD (solid state drive)

Does anyone here know anything about SDD?
I have been looking at some drives from Samsung and i am wondering if they will be any good to replace my C:\ drive?
It is a SATA 2 model with 64GB.

Yes they are super fast ussually 10-13,000 RPM. If you have a SATA hookup then I would install the OS on the SDD then use a HDD for storage etc. Your computer will be smoking hot fast with this simple upgrade!

SSD’s don’t have RPMs - they are Solid State Drives with no moving parts.

This makes access times much quicker than for Hard Disk Drives, since there is no seeking and no rotation going on.

SSD drives are generally not as fast as the fastest HDD drives when it comes to sustained transfer rates, however.

SSDs are also much more expensive than HDD.

Tests show that some real-word tasks perform significantly faster on SSD drives, such as e.g. booting Windows, othe tasks perform the same, and a few tasks perform worse.

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I have used several computers equiped with SSD drives, and you have to careful. Some computers will stutter if you are doing multiple things like downloading 2 files and playing audio, I have seen the EEE pc (4GB Flash HDD) do this a lot.

Also one thing most people don’t mention is data recovery. On a conventional HDD if your drive starts to break most of the time the data is usually recoverable. And if you are willing to send it to a specialist like seagate they have a 99% all time recovery rate. Flash drives do not use anything like conventional HDDs for data storage (as far as physical addressing), and it can be almost impossible to recover data off of broken flash drives, because they use a dynamic table that is continuously changing the location of physical addresses.

The new 64GB and soon to be released 128GB (June 2008) models from Samsung are very much faster than the older models.
100MBps sustained read.
80MBps sustained write.

They also use standard SATA connectors so providing you can mount them in a standard PC case, they should work just fine.