SSD prices increase 9% compared to December last year



We’ve just posted the following news: SSD prices increase 9% compared to December last year[newsimage][/newsimage]

Prices of SSDs in the “Myce SSD Price Index” have increased with 9% compared to 2014. The price per Gigabyte of one SSD increased with more than 60%.

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I have a 128GB ssd and its nearly full thanks to Microsofts Updates…I for one will not be buying another for a long long long time at the prices they are at. I would rather buy a 500MB or 1TB hard drive and wait for the 17/20 seconds to desktop. I honestly don’t think it worth the high prices just to get to desktop in 4 to 5 seconds.


User folders mapped to hdd?

System backups to a network storage or usb hdd?

Most business users won’t fill a 120gb ssd.

Windows 8.1 doesn’t use more than 30GB for a full install with most business programs and hibernation files (8GB ram). Windows 7 is a little more frugal.
Have you run the windows disk cleanup? Have you filled/deleted non essential files?

Perhaps it’s just sloppy computer maintenance?


Walmart Shoppers, welcome to the Real World.
Manufacturers have been catering to the Wallmart crowd (cheap, cheap, cheap) for too long.
Even the Koreans are figuring out that market share means nothing if you can’t make some
sort of profit at the end of the day. Gone are the days of dumping product at below cost just
to get market share.
FYI, TV’s are either going to maintain price or actually go up as much as 10% this year, appliances
in North America have already gone up from 9-15% over last year.


Win7 updates have been over 1GB since updates started. I’ll never update again. My older PC runs great with just the updates I needed, but no updates in 2014. I don’t see how you can say Frugal…I always run disk clean and ccleaner. Do the same after Adobe updates. Only discovered a few weeks ago, that some of my saved stuff from an external hdd to Dropbox gets saved in my C: drive, For Gods sake. So I stopped that and saved a lot of disc space.
I don’t back up my System these days as ALL my Photography images are on 3 other drives. Only programs and OS on the ssd…If it ever goes down I prefer to do a Clean install. We are All different.


SSD will remain a niche market until the densities and prices come in line with mainstream market expectations…
ONE DAY when Terabyte densities fall around the $100 mark it will be easier and more likely that a MAIN SYSTEM drive can become SSD and the EXTENDED space will be relied upon by HDD’s…Â unfortunately, the SSD mfg’s have a couple more years to go before lowering terabyte densities down that low… the SD makers on the other hand will get there probably a year earlier… by the end of 2016, SD cards will reach 1 TBÂ of storage for under $100… while SSD makers will still be around $200+


I boot from a WD Black? server edition drive that’s 500 gig, it cost more at the time then their regular consumer grade stuff but has the better warranty and is built way better and much heavier then the others too.
It was 100 when the regular was 50 but after comparing them I gladly paid extra and it should outlast most of the drives I’ve cycled through over the years.
It has plenty of room and was fast enough for what I need too and I just delete crap from it like my recorded TV stuff as it fills up.
Don’t think I’ll be doing a SSD any time soon if they are getting greedy again as like said, regular hard drive are way cheaper and I can wait a bit longer for things to load.
I have 3 other smallish drives, plus a couple of big 2tb ones, a external USB3 and a internal I got cheap as a external and pulled from it’s case to use for HD video storage mostly. As they fill up I cycle in new ones when I find good deals.
If they keep playing games they will only sell to businesses and other places that can afford to overpay for faster access to critical stuff. I shop for deals and refuse to overpay for anything. If I don’t have to have it it can wait till price come to their senses.