SSD prices drop to $0.44 a GB, Crucial SSDs best value for money

We’ve just posted the following news: SSD prices drop to $0.44 a GB, Crucial SSDs best value for money[newsimage][/newsimage]

In March this year we started with our SSD price index where we monitor SSDs of well known SSD brands. Today, nearly four months later we publish the second version, showing the drop in price per GB is continuing and a clear winner when it comes to value for money.

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But the big problem is capacity to HDD is alot cheaper for the same capacity. So if we compare real world storage capacity to price HDD still wins price/capacity compared to SSD. Now SSD for boot O/S that is different but then again one doesn’t need a 1tb SSD boot drive? Waste of space and performance which could use a 200-300 SSD that would more then suffice but just like any hi-capacity drive a large main boot drive in single bay going out and all your data is on there is very poor management backup skills. For me I make a smaller 200-300 SSD at boot but at the same time use ext USB HDD portable drive to store all my important created data/files at least then I have the best of both worlds. Now if I have a two bay Laptop sure I get a smaller SSD boot drive and a 1tb HDD drive then I have a compliment of both world computing needs-but since most everyday laptop has one drive bay/OD and smaller laptop has one drive bay and no OD/2nd Bay that makes the options that more difficult and one needs to really plan on a attack plan otherwise they will get a nasty surprise when they least expect it.

I would like a 5TB SSD for <$300, please.
Oh, and where’s my hoverboard that I was promised in Back to the Future Part II ???

The basic fact is that most people would rather have large amounts of cheap storage space over the increased speed of a pricier SSD with much less storage capacity. The speed difference between them isn’t a motivating factor for most people to purchase a SSD.

I would agree. Using an SSD as your boot/apps/games drive, and regular HD for storage seems to be common amongst those with even a moderate level of computer skills. Outside of that no one seems to give a crap… lol.

I really like it. My SSD is only 256mb… would like to get a 500.

SSD prices are coming down to a point that I might satisfy my curiosity about them and buy one. When I can get a decent 250+ GB drive for well under $100 then I will probably get one.

Look, even at 20 cents a gb, a 1tb ssd drive would be $200… while media drives are barely $50. These guys know they are gaming the system (price fixing) to keep profits high for as long as possible because new competitors are going to enter the market soon including HDD makers.

The greed is why you STILL really don’t see many PCs with SSD drives… I would love to replace my 1tb hdd with an SSD (in my next PC build), but I’m not going to be willing to pay over bout $150, when the time comes while these ssd prices are a LOOONG ways from that.

At least blu ray will soon give up the ghost (and lower prices)… since 25/50gb optical media is fast becoming obsolete with online storage and Drive(hdd/ssd/flash) technologies becoming so cheap.