SSD Low Memory Error?



I bought my first SSD drive about 2 1/2 years ago

I put this in an older Dell Studio 15 (1535) laptop with an Intel T5750 Processor, 3GB’s of RAM and Windows 7 Home. This is used mainly for browsing the net but I have Office, etc. installed though don’t feel I’m ever taxing the Processor… bought this drive 07/24/2012.

It was recommended here at the time as one of the more stable SSD’s but guess I’m just unlucky. Mine started randomly locking up shortly out of warranty… you have no choice but do a hard shutdown. Now for awhile I’ve been getting this “Low on Memory” error screen doesn’t matter what program is open and running it asks to close it/them.

  1. First I’ve never had a low memory error screen before so do you think this is related to the laptop randomly locking up?

  2. Since I probably need to replace the drive would you recommend going back with a SSD or go back to a regular HD…I can get by with a 128-256 GB? If I go back to an SSD I need something very stable at a great price. Recommendations?

  3. Am I correct in my thinking that I can just replace the HD and still have a very useable laptop for my browsing needs rather than buying something new?