SSD Hybrid drive installation



Just purchased a Western hybrid ssd drive (WD-10S12X), and cannot get the computer to recognize it. I have a fairly new Lenovo with a 2.5 built in drive that works great with my 125G SSD Drive.I also have a USB adapter and a separate Power/USB hookup that works fine with my SSD. None work in recognizing this drive. Now before I return it, I would like any of you Pro’s if you have any ideas as to a mistake on my part, as I have never used a SSD/Hybrid drive before. T.I.A. P.S. I did download a installation driver from Western, and when I went to install, it did not find the drive.


Hi durkinjit,

Have you been into ‘disk management’ to create a new volume? (Right click on ‘This PC’ in Windows explorer, select ‘Manage’ and then select ‘Disk management’).

Your new SSHD wont be recognised in Windows until you have done this.

Please let us know how you get on.

Regds, JR


Thanks J, I went onto disk management but did not see a way to create a new volume, what is the procedure? Thanks again


Here is an example of an SSD being initialised (it’s the same for an SSHD).

If you have attached an unitialised drive you should see the first screen displayed automatically when you go into disk management. Click OK to initialise the new drive.

Then locate your new drive in the table of drives that appears on the bottom half of the screen. Right click in the area marked as ‘Unallocated’ in the entry for your new drive. Select ‘New Simple Volume’ then follow the wizard through to a conclusion (you can most probably leave all the settings at their default values - this will allocate all the available space to a volume called ‘New Volume’).

Regds, JR


Thanks, nothing about any new drive shows up in disk management, only the ones I have already in use, when installing the sshd drive absolutely nothing happens, usually a beep will be emitted when I plug in or unplug a USB program, with this drive nothing.


Hi durkinjt,

What sort of USB enclosure are you using to plug the SSHD in?

I’m now wondering if the enclosure is causing a problem as it is not compatible with the SSHD.

Regds, JR