SSD help



Could use a little help. Just got a SSD HD. 125G, came with no indtructions, I have a Lenovo K450 that has a drive for SSD, set it in the slot, shows up on device manager and speccy, but not on “This PC”. Have never had a SSD before and tried Google and got nowhere, any help greatly appreciated.


What are you wishing to do with it? Will this be your system drive or just for storage?
If it shows up in device manager, open disk management and find it there. Windows will tell you what to do to make it accessible. It will need to be initialized, then partitioned and formatted.


Goto control panel- system and security - administrative tools, and then computer management, and then disk management.
This should allow you to initialise the SSD and then create a partition on the drive.
Also, you should do a quick format as the drive formatting option.

Hope this helps.

[edit] CDan was faster. :slight_smile:


Thanks Dee, working fine.